About the exhibition

Studio opening of Typetonic +
Poster showcase curated with Aga Mori

Typetonic Studio
Shop 26, 1/F
Fu Lee Loy Shopping Centre
9–27 King Wah Road
Fortress Hill
Hong Kong

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About the exhibition

Plak at Typetonic is a poster exhibit inspired by the philosophy of the Polish School of Posters. The exhibit explores the layers of thoughts and expressions of the artists through their works, and encourages the audience to think deeper through the world of posters as an artform.

During the exhibit, posters designed by artists Aceler Chua (Hong Kong), Aga Mori (Hong Kong), Max Skorwider (Poland), and Szymon Szymankiewicz (Poland), will be showcased alongside a key piece from Aga Mori’s impressive vintage poster collection, perhaps one of the most iconic and recognisable series of all Polish posters — Cyrk.

Initially commissioned by the Polish State Entertainment Agency during the communist era, the poster series Cyrk (means Circus in the Polish language) are recognised internationally for their mastery of the unmistakable qualities of the Polish School of Posters: painterly gestures, linear design, lettering, vibrant colours, humour, as well as clever symbolism and metaphors. These impeccable pieces have since become collectibles in the art world.

In contrast to the typical commercial posters seen all around Hong Kong, the Polish School of Posters encourages artists to be emotionally involved in commenting and responding to the subject matter through concise, easily understandable yet powerful imagery. This brand of thinking still serves as a strong inspiration to the current generation of artists all over the world, and hopefully through the inception of Plak at Typetonic, the school of thought can be introduced to the younger generation of designers in Hong Kong.