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The Type Clinic

Want to improve the typography aspects of your business and don’t know how to start?

We believe having good letterforms is the key to properly delivering any communication written in words; and we’re here to help. With The Type Clinic, we help you analyse and identify the issues you are facing with typography, and advise you the best course of action.

The goal of the process is simple — we help you reach your objectives by enhancing the typography. We will analyse and advise on the usage of typefaces, font size, layout, typesetting, or aspects as fundamental as what font to choose. You will recognise and build an understanding of the issues through the process. The solutions will be worked on with your team in order to have a smooth deployment of the changes.

How can you benefit from having good typography?

The classic example is presentations.

According to a survey in 2020, 91% of participants think that a beautifully designed presentation helps them feel more confident in presenting to their audience. At the same time, 79% of participants think that most presentations are boring.

Good typography could do magic in enhancing the quality of the slides by visually aligning the content with the personality, hence increasing the slides’ consistency. On the other hand, bad typography could be catastrophic for your presentation. Imagine presenting scientific research findings with some comical typefaces, your audience might perceive the whole presentation as a hoax.

Having said that, you could benefit from good typography by:

  • feeling more confident in presenting
  • engaging your audience better
  • making your presentation professional and trustworthy

Can non-business use this service?

Of course! Nothing should stop anyone from having good type.

No matter if you’re a student struggling with typesetting your essay, or an employee trying to get a promotion with a presentation, you’re more than welcome to get help from us — as long as you believe that good typography could help you reach higher.

Interested? Schedule a free call!

We want to help, and sometimes things are easier described with a quick call. Schedule your free 15 minutes call with us to help us understand your issue and see how we could help — we promise, no strings attached.