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About Typetonic

Letterform carries the message; that’s how your words become a story.

Typetonic is a letterform and typography consultancy based in Hong Kong, offering services such as corporate typography analysis and revitalisation, type design and development, typography and lettering workshops, and web design and development for font-releases.

Words can only flourish when there’s personality behind it

We believe having good letterforms is the key to properly delivering any communication written in words; and we are here to help.

Our standard process starts with the typefaces (or what most people would understand as fonts.) We have developed a method of systematically analysing your current choice of fonts used for your materials. A report is produced to help us understand whether your current fonts matches your brand’s vision. As a result, this helps us pick (or better yet, design) a more appropriate font for the future.

Learn more about our type consultation service at The Type Clinic.

Type is your tonic

Having good type around makes you feel better, and what’s even better is you can learn to make them yourself; we conduct workshops to teach you how to form and draw letters.

During the workshop you will learn about the basics of typography and aesthetics, and because of the logical and “no-right-or-wrong” nature of type, you get to exercise your imagination and practice critical thinking as well. This creative and meditative experience is especially beneficial to modern day workers or students who need rest from their stressful day life.

The only requirement for taking the workshop is to know basic English and be able to write English characters; we welcome people of all ages and backgrounds to join the workshop.

Need help in typography? Get in touch!

So you’re considering rebranding and need help with typography? Perhaps you’re considering to have a custom typeface made but not sure how to start? Feel free to send us an email and we’ll see how we can help.

Email address: [email protected]